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P. O. A financial aid workshop will be held immediately afterward. Learn more about all of the degrees, certificates, and extended learning opportunities offered at CCC. Learn more. New students must apply for admission before signing up for classes. I am a Peer Leader and a Blue Key Ambassador. My cousin came to look at the school for nursing and I went with her. Whether online or in-person, the process is easy. Learn more. Our team of academic advisors will answer your questions about our programs and classes and help you stay on track towards graduation. Learn more. Paying for school doesn't have to strain your bank account. You’re one step closer to becoming an official CCC student. To 1: 00 p. m. I am a member and dancer in Orchesis. Being in the places where history happened allows students to make personal connections.

It allows them to immerse themselves in the process of discovery. ”“I started college undecided. Box 4022
Oneonta, New York 13820, USA
888-HARTWICKEmail Admissions There will be free t-shirts, giveaways, entertainment and more. Coupled with the amazing J-term opportunities, resources on campus, and the helpful financial aid, I knew Hartwick was the place for me. We have some classes that are labeled as “Experiential Learning” classes where students can take what they learned in the classroom and apply them. J Term engages students in learning that resonates with their lives. It cultivates good writing and critical thinking skills and offers perspective. One of the great things about Hartwick is that the professors encourage discussion and critical thought. We provide context for meaningful exploration. Study abroad is a way to make history become real. I’m carrying that forth into my career. ”Want to change lives? Submit all official transcripts or score reports to the Admissions and Records Office. Our will help you interpret your test scores, transfer of credits from other schools, and help select classes for the upcoming semester. Accuplacer will help new students get placed into the appropriate level of English, Math, and Reading courses. Students can also use their ACT or SAT test scores in place of the Accuplacer. We're ready to help! Then pushing for more. Read about our latest achievements. Experience a real day in the life of a student with our Hartwick Overnight Program. Register for a February or March HOP visit. I am on the executive board for French club and Psych club. Please call 575.769.4020 for any questions. Once registered for classes, students can make with the CCC business office and cashiers' windows. Say cheese!

Your student ID is needed at the library, gym, computer labs, and more. Our orientation for new students will tell you all about our campus, departments and services you can take advantage of, and more. If you have questions about FAFSA, or if you need access to a computer to complete the application, we have computers and friendly assistants to help you complete this process. We've made applying for scholarships at CCC quick and easy, allowing students to apply for all available scholarships with one simple, online application. Payments can be made at the Cashiers' Windows once students are registered for classes. This is the footer include. 2016 Clovis Community College. College english term papers. Schedule a visit with an today. Be sure to ask your financial aid specialist about our flexible. The CCC will help new students take the. I participate in the Zumba classes taught on campus. This is education with a purpose. Find it at Hartwick.  We believe an empowering curriculum prepares you to make a real impact after graduation. Learn more. We believe hard work is preparation to make a real impact. Meet your new friends. We believe in going wherever it takes to reach the goal Advisors can be seen during business hours through walk-in appointments. Everybody was so nice and welcoming. These hands on experiences include activities, field trips, and volunteer work. “Hartwick students want to get out in the world and they want experiences that are meaningful. The learning is powerful and immediate when you’re there, on site. Once you’ve registered for classes, you will need to obtain a student ID card by visiting Campus Security.

By the time I finished one semester of classes and spent my first J Term in the Bahamas studying biology of fish and birds and experiencing the aquatic environment, I was hooked. “Studying the liberal arts mattered for me. It makes you recognize that there are different ways of thinking, other ways of approaching an issue. J Term is incredibly enriching. Orientation includes a campus tour so you will feel right at home on your first day of class. Spring Orientation will be Thursday, January 12, 2017, from 11: 00 a. m. Who knows. your career might just be a conversation away! All students must complete the. We offer a diverse array of options, readymade, to explore the world and engage with a place in meaningful ways. “As a faculty, we have years of experience working in these countries and are fluent in the systems, not just the language. All new students must meet with an advisor who will help manage degree plans and schedules. At Clovis Community College, our goal is to put you, the learner, at the center of all of our decision making. Ready to jump in? It provokes a lot of questions that don’t come from reading a book. Find out more about,, and other payment options. Learn more. This is the header include. Everyday, more and more students are looking for affordable education right here in our community. We believe knowledge is the foundation for a meaningful future. Often we travel there for our own research so we are excellent resources to our students.

As soon as I stepped on campus, I loved the atmosphere. All the students held the door open for each other and that positive attitude was one of the first things that impressed me about Hartwick.