Critical thinking quiz 1

Nursing is illness tooMedical is to heal the disease: Please take the quiz to rate it. you can also like usOrganizational framework for the practice of NursingSystematic method by which nurses plan and provide care for patientsThe application of the nursing process only applies to RN's and not LPN'sThe Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice of the ANA outlines the steps of the nursing processPhysical Check-upHospital evaluationWhen patient is critically ill or disorientedWhen patient is unable to respondPreferably early in the morning before breakfast. When drastic changes are happening to a patient. InterpretativeDiagnostic proceduresMedical recordPersonal interviewSignificant otherBiographic dataSocial mediaHealth historyLaboratory workDiagnostic TestsPerformance of a physical examinationDocumentation of databaseAnalysis of databaseFiling of databaseAcquiring a database of informationAnalyzing signs and symptomsIdentifying patient statementsGrouping related cues togetherEntering patient data in the computerDry skin and dry oral mucousDecreased urine outputNurse overload and nurse burnoutWhen the nurse calls in sickAny health care condition that requires diagnostic, therapeutic, or educational actions. Lose of employmentJob description of a clinical nurseData collectionHealth interventionNursing diagnosis title or labelDefinition of the title or labelData clusteringContributing, etiologic or related factorsDefining characteristicsA nursing diagnosis is any problem related to the health of a patientWhen writing a nursing diagnosis, place the adjective before the noun modifiedA nursing diagnosis is usually the etiology of the diseaseBoth medical and nursing diagnosis can be converted into a nursing intervention. InterventionDescription of a problemAnalysis of a health issuePossible illnessCircumstances that increase the susceptibility of a patient to a problemRisk factorsDefining characteristicsDescription of a problemNursing diagnosisDiagnosed byExplained byManifested byConstipationInsufficient fluidIncreased abdominal pressureHuman responses to health conditions/life processes that may develop in a vulnerable individual/familyDescribes the symptoms of the diseaseSupported by risk factors that contribute to increased vulnerabilityProof that the person is suffering from an illnessRisk for falls related to unstable balanceConstipated because of fecal impactionRisk for DiarrheaConstipation related to dehydrationAn isolated disease with numerous symptomsNumerous symptoms describing a single diseaseUsed when a cluster of actual or risk nursing diagnosis are predicted to be presentNumerous symptoms leading to an idiopathic disorderAbsence of illnessNot strictly a diagnosisHuman responses to levels of good health in an individual, family or communityAll of the aboveCollaborative problemsClustered SyndromeSigns of deathSyndromatic pathologyDefinite VarianceCollaborative problemIdiopathic etiologyHealth AnalysisNursing ProblemMedical DiagnosisAll of the aboveMedical is etiology; Critical thinking quiz 1. Nursing is to discover the diseaseA good outcome statement is specific to the patientGoals are general deadlines that are to be metAn outcome statement refers to what the nurse will doGoals and Statements are practically the same Nursing is human responseMedical is disease; Nursing is the cause of diseaseMedical is illness;