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Advances in information technology, in particular, have dramatically transformed economic life. Sample essay 6 [ ]Pingback by Unemployment rates in the more developed regions such as Europe may also escalate as corporations choose to outsource to the cheaper work force from Asian countries. In conclusion. Every essay is checked, marked, has comments and suggestions. This process has effects on the, on, on political systems, on and prosperity, and on in societies around the world. Globalization is not new, though. Likewise, for centuries, people and corporations have invested in enterprises in other countries. April 10, 2009 @Your Comment
Distinguishing this current wave of globalization from earlier ones, author Thomas Friedman has said that today globalization is “farther, faster, cheaper, and deeper. ”This current wave of globalization has been driven by policies that have opened economies domestically and internationally.

We welcome you to our website. To read this page in Spanish, click. Subscribe here via RSS or via email Even though globalization affects the world s economies in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Otherwise (except for some minor grammatical errors) it is a very nice work. Sample essay 3 IELTS writing Resistance to globalization has therefore taken shape both at a popular and at a governmental level as people and governments try to manage the flow of capital, labor, goods, and ideas that constitute the current wave of globalization. To find the right balance between benefits and costs associated with globalization, citizens of all nations need to understand how globalization works and the policy choices facing them and their societies. Consequently, companies tend to become more productive and competitive thereby raising the quality of goods, services and the world s living standard.
Secondly, several companies from the more developed countries have already ventured to establish foreign operations or branches to take advantage of the low cost of labor in the poorer countries. Since 1950, for example, the volume of world trade has increased by 20 times, and from just 1997 to 1999 flows of foreign investment nearly doubled, from $468 billion to $827 billion. Essay about globalization in oman. A defining feature of globalization, therefore, is an international industrial and financial business structure. Technology has been the other principal driver of globalization. Discuss.
Globalization is such a commonly used term in the century. Taking advantage of new opportunities in foreign markets, corporations have built foreign factories and established production and marketing arrangements with foreign partners.

Hold the mouse over underlined words in blue to see suggested corrections. Sample essay 5 IELTS writing In the years since the Second World War, and especially during the past two decades, many governments have adopted free-market economic systems, vastly increasing their own productive potential and creating myriad new opportunities for international trade and investment. The advances in science and technology have allowed businesses to easily cross over territorial boundary lines. It is undeniable that globalization has resulted in both positive and negative effects which must be addressed accordingly. To begin with, globalization has contributed to the world s economies in many beneficial ways. Proponents of globalization argue that it allows poor countries and their citizens to develop economically and raise their standards of living, while opponents of globalization claim that the creation of an unfettered international free market has benefited multinational corporations in the Western world at the expense of local enterprises, local cultures, and common people. Information technologies have given all sorts of individual economic actors—consumers, investors, businesses—valuable new tools for identifying and pursuing economic opportunities, including faster and more informed analyses of economic trends around the world, easy transfers of assets, and collaboration with far-flung partners. Globalization is deeply controversial, however. Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by and and aided by. Sample essay 4 IELTS writing It simply means that the world has become integrated economically, socially, politically and culturally through the advances of technology, transportation and communication. It covers the task, has the right structure, the paragraphs are coherent and are logically connected by elegantly used linking words, the structure of sentences is fine and so is your vocabulary.

Sample essay 1 IELTS writing For thousands of years, people—and, later, corporations—have been buying from and selling to each other in lands at great distances, such as through the famed Silk Road across Central Asia that connected China and Europe during the Middle Ages. Sample essay 2 IELTS writing Governments also have negotiated dramatic reductions in barriers to commerce and have established international agreements to promote trade in goods, services, and investment. Globalization101. org tries to provide an accurate analysis of the issues and controversies regarding globalization, without the slogans or ideological biases generally found in discussions of the topics. In fact, many of the features of the current wave of globalization are similar to those prevailing before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. But policy and technological developments of the past few decades have spurred increases in cross-border trade, investment, and migration so large that many observers believe the world has entered a qualitatively new phase in its economic development. One crucial social aspect is the risk and danger of epidemic diseases which can easily be spread as the transportation becomes easier and faster in today s advanced society. To reiterate that globalization is inevitable and we must urge individuals, companies and governments to use a more balanced approach by taking the appropriate steps to deal with matters relating to the financial or economical gains verses the social, political or ecological concerns of the world. This essay is too long, 318 words instead of 250-265. Teacher s summary is at the bottom of each essay. IELTS writing This is evidenced in the recent birds flu disease which has infected most Asian countries over a short period of time. As large corporations invest or take over many offshore businesses, a modern form of colonization will also evolve which may pose certain power pressure on the local governments of the less developed countries. This kind of business activity will provide more influx of cash or investment funds into the less developed countries. However, one cannot deny the negative effects which derived from globalization.