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Dr. Overs/unders, more commonly referred to as totals, are a type of betting opportunity offered to gamblers where they may bet that the final score of a game is over the bookmaker s posted total or it goes under the number. If you bet over on the game, you win your bet if the two teams combine for more than 40 points. Example: Bob Sports in 1987 while studying statistics at UC Berkeley. Bob uses a combination of technical analysis (league wide situations and fundamental indicators) and advanced math models that have proven to give him an edge over the Vegas line. Those placing bets on the Clippers will win if the Clippers win the game or lose by 19 points of less. The primary purpose of the point spread was to help the bookmakers balance their books.

In those 28 years Dr. Man Who Shook Up Vegas Dr. Many serious bettors concentrate on totals, believing they are easier to win than picking which team is going to cover the spread. If the Lakers are expected to roll past the Clippers, the point spread on the game could be as high as 20 points. Essays on sports gambling. They may move the line a full point or they may not Hilaire belloc selected essays move it at all. Basketball totals work in exactly the same manner as football totals, where the bettor risks $11 to win $10. But the sport eventually fell victim to race-fixing and other corruption and the public lost confidence in it. Instead, he will make bettors who wish to wager over 9 risk $120 to win $100, which is written as -120. We ll have you ready to join the action in no time. Bob’s picks have an influence on the betting markets and his long term results are rivaled by very few public handicappers. College Football Best Bets +203. 6 Stars since 1999. NBA and College Basketball Best Bets +467. 5 Stars last 18 years.

Our MLB Math Model went live on June 20th of last season and produced very good results (+43 units on sides and -12.

2 units on totals). Bob has been one of the most profitable and respected handicappers in the nation. If the Dolphins were to win 24-14, you would lose the over bet, as the final combined score was just 38. continue reading below our videoMost NFL football totals will range between 32 and 52, with an average number right around 41 points. At that time was beginning to grow, but as the popularity of baseball increased in the later part of the century, so did, and the popularity of wagering on the sport was brought to the forefront during the 1919 World Series, which will live on in infamy as the Black Sox Scandal. continue reading below our videoCollege sports, such as football and basketball, began to catch the public eye in the early stages of the 20th century, and over time, those two sports soon rivaled baseball as popular betting activities. If the over/under number on the Dodgers and the Giants is 9 and a bettor places a $500 wager on the over, the bookmaker is unlikely to raise the total to 9. 5. If the posted total on the New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets is 190 and a bettor places a $500 wager on the over, which happens to be allowed. People soon found out that a wager on a game would add to the excitement of watching the game and has been growing at a steady rate every year. For a detailed explanation of the totals and how they work, seeBetting against the point spread, with the money line, or on totals are the three most popular forms or sports betting that take place today. If two high scoring teams with poor defenses are playing each other, the total may be posted higher. On rare occasions, two sound defensive teams playing in poor,, may see the total dip below 32, but this doesn t happen too often. Phd thesis on economics of education College football totals may be even higher, as some teams have great offenses and equally poor defenses. In the 1940s, the bookmakers changed the face of sports gambling forever when they came out with the For a detailed explanation of the and how it works, seeSimply stated, the point spread is a handicap placed on the expected winner of a football or basketball game in points. Gambling was a long-time tradition in England and it was only natural the colonists would bring their love of gambling across the ocean with them.

In the 1800s, pedastrianism was the sport of choice among gamblers. Those wishing to bet the under would then be able to wager at even money or 100, as totals nearly always use a difference of. 2, commonly called 20 cents. If people continue to bet the over, the bookmaker will continue to adjust the odds upward and eventually bettors may have to risk $145 to win $100, or -145. Because the bookmakers make the bettor risk $11 to win $10, balanced action will guarantee the bookmaker a profit regardless of which team wins the game. The television explosion of the 1950s was another boost for, as sports and television was a perfect match. Sports betting adventure. Now that you understand overs/unders, you re closer to experiencing the total Naturally, the over/under numbers are much higher, as many more points will be scored in a basketball game, as opposed to a football game, and totals can range from 120, for a low scoring NCAA team, well into the 200s for an NBA game. When bookmakers accept a maximum wager on a basketball total they will typically respond by adjusting the line 1. 5 points in an effort to attract people to be the other way. The sportsbook would then raise the total to 191. 5 in an attempt to get people to wager money on the under. Because scoring in baseball and hockey is so much lower than in football or basketball, the bookmakers are reluctant to change the number of a total and instead will adjust the odds. If you ve ever wanted to place a bet on a sporting event, but were overwhelmed by all the talk of odds, point spreads, bookies, and sportsbooks, relax. Basically, that means 20 points are subtracted from the Lakers score or added to the Clippers score for betting purposes. All Rights Reserved