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Six colleagues and close friends who corroborate former PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff s  by  in 2005 are now coming forward.   Among them is a friend who was with Stoynoff when she ran into later in N. Y. C.  The wife of the Republican nominee denies meeting Stoynoff after the attack, but Stoynoff s friend Liza Herz  remembers being  there during the chance meeting. They chatted in a friendly way, That Stoynoff opened up to. Natasha has always been a vivacious person who wants to believe in the best of people, and this experience definitely messed with that outlook, However, he cautioned her to remain quiet in fear of how Trump may retaliate. She wasn t sure what she should do, The professor said in a regarding the incident. He seemed rather nasty at the time. PEOPLE East Coast Editor Liz McNeil was one colleague Stoynoff confided in about the incident. She was also angry that he had forced himself on her, that she was glad someone had interrupted him, because he was surprisingly strong. Another coworker who knew about the attack was Liza Hamm, who was friends with McNeil and others in a tight-knit group Herz, who met Stoynoff in college, says. And what struck me most was that Melania was carrying a child and wearing heels. Stoynoff s story, which made national news when it broke last week and is reprinted in this week s issue of PEOPLE, describes a run-in with Trump when she was covering him and pregnant wife Melania on assignment for PEOPLE in December 2005. We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. She writes. Trump vigorously denies the story and later attacked Stoynoff on the campaign trail, saying,  “She lies! Melania was upstairs and could have walked in at any time. She talked about her shock, and wondered why it had happened, if she had done anything wrong.

She told CNN., “In this week’s issue of PEOPLE (which hits newsstands in New York on Wednesday), we feature a story that includes named sources who can corroborate Natasha Stoynoff’s account – including one woman (a friend of Natasha’s) who was actually with her when she bumped into  on Fifth Ave., as outlined in her story. ”Stoynoff s former journalism professor,   Paul McLaughlin, says that the writer called him in tears looking for advice the very night of the harrowing encounter. She asked, giving me a hug. In a on Monday, Melania denied the encounter ever took place. Green said. She was shaky, sitting at her desk, relaying that, He took me to this other room, and when we stepped inside, he pushed me against a wall and stuck his tongue down my throat. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat,

McNeil remembers the day she returned from the assignment in Florida to cover Trump and his wife s first anniversary. She was very upset and told me how he shoved her against a wall, She told me that she asked to be taken off the Trump beat, but she tried her best to move past the experience and continue to do her job well. Stoynoff says she knew she was opening herself up for criticism when she decided to share her story, but she s staying strong. “I am doing okay, ” she says in the new issue of PEOPLE. In the past week, multiple women have come out with against the 70-year-old Republican presidential candidate. Stoynoff admits there s a chance Trump simply pushed her own incident from his mind. “ It’s possible he just doesn’t remember it, ” Stoynoff says. “It was over 10 years ago and I assume I am one of many, many women. ”Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne and Shailene Woodley Reveal Trump's 'Alternative Constitution' in New Sketch People that have influenced your life essay. Hamm says. But she is also a consummate professional.

However, Stoynoff was haunted by her recent experience, and she opened up to Green about the encounter. In an early conversation we had in her office, she told me about what happened with Donald Trump, Says McNeil. Deputy East Coast News Editor Mary Green returned to PEOPLE s New York-based staff in December 2005 after a three-year hiatus excited to reconnect with Stoynoff. Look at her, I don’t think so. ”Stoynoff describes meeting Melania later year: I actually bumped into Melania on Fifth Avenue, in front of Trump Tower as she walked into the building, carrying baby Barron. Natasha, why don’t we see you anymore? I assured her she hadn t. McLaughlin recalls. I advised her not to say anything, because I believed Trump would deny it and try to destroy her. It was tough decision but in a he said/she said we believed she would lose, The story that came out in PEOPLE magazine, the writer she said my husband took her to the room and started kissing her, she wrote in the same story about me that she saw me on Fifth  Avenue, and I said to her ‘Natasha, how come we don’t see you anymore? ’ I was never friends with her, I would not recognize her,