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The epic and the essay - Livemint 9 Nov 2011 In the Cambodian Ramayan that I saw in Siem Reap, in the shadows As the grandees of the Delhi University and OUP cower and withdraw Jafri, to hide in his own office. “What is the value of my opinion? Ananthamurthy told The Hindu. “Even the most orthodox of our scholars who admire Valmiki's Ramayana are still aware of many versions of the Ramayana that exist along with it. Who s afraid of 300 Ramayanas? Latest News Narrative Strategies Employed in the Chandrabati Ramayana, And great poets like Bhasa took the liberty of resolving the entire problem of Mahabharata without a war. DU to scrap Ramanujan essay on Ramayana that incensed right 5 Jan 2012 New Delhi: Thakran.

“This essay is rich in academic content and there have been two resolutions in the past in which the history department unanimously agreed that as far as history as a subject is concerned, this piece is important for our students. Her book is called `Yuganta The Vice-Chancellor just told the AC that the essay should be deleted in the interests of the university and they voted in his favour. In a decision that could stoke controversy, Delhi University s top academic body has decided to withdraw from History syllabus The council has severely compromised on its standards and has conveyed to our students the message that only the ideology that is supported by the majority will be accepted, ” said AC member Rakesh Kumar, who was one among the nine to express a dissenting opinion against scrapping of the essay. His opinion is echoed by the present department head, Prof. Ramanujan s celebrated essay on the Ramayana, Three They should know that their objection is to Valmiki s Ramayana, not Ramanujan s essay. Most academicians at Delhi University are feeling betrayed by their own fraternity, the reason — the Academic Council's recent decision to drop from the history syllabus a celebrated essay by the late scholar and linguist A. Ramanujan s essay, Three the different versions of the Ramayana that have been passed down in Ramanujan: Three Hundred Ramayanas: And the essay in your textbook is entitled `The End of a Ramayana essay delhi university. Amardeep Singh: In Defense of A. K. Our culture is diverse and so are our legends.

The banning of Ramanujan's essay on the Ramayana is an insult to the imagination of the Jains, Buddhists and several folk practices. ” (With inputs from our Bangalore bureau)Printable version Feb 2, 2017 5: 41: 49 PM Even Valmiki's Ramayana has different readings in the country. ”Kannada writer Chandrashekhar Kambar, the winner of this year's Jnanpith award, said: “The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are texts which have been re-created many times over by several cultures in India and outside. Ramanujan s essay, 300 Ramayanas. Five Examples and 22 Oct 2011 The scholarly essay by A. The rule of unreason - Frontline 18 Nov 2011 Delhi University withdraws A. K. By removing such texts, a sort of fascism is being encouraged, no educationist will be happy with such a decision. ”University officials, however, state that the entire matter is a non-issue and that the whole matter was taken up for hearing by the AC only because they had to provide an answer to the Supreme Court. “The essay says things like Ravana was Sita's father and that Rama and Sita were siblings, so obviously we don't want to check teach such things to our students, ” said a university official not wishing to be named.

Historians and writers ridicule this argument. “It is a matter of deep shame for all of us that A. K. Study Material-1 English A: Ananthamurthy added: “India has always made a distinction between Shruti, Smriti and Purana. An Interview with Romila Thapar - Kiski Kahani The Positive attitude essay Ramayana The controversial decision earlier this month by the Academic Council of Delhi University to drop A. K. Intolerance shown towards a scholarly study of these versions should be condemned by the entire academic fraternity. ” Prof. Ramanujan s 300 Ramayanas 28 Oct 2011 Delhi University voted to remove A. K. Three Hundred Ramayanas OPEN Magazine 29 Oct 2011 The essay Delhi University deemed unfit for its students. Three Hundred Ramayanas: