Remember the titans movie essay

It works and the Titan's score the winning touchdown. The Titan's have won the championship and defeated racism all in one year. Meanwhile, Coach Yoast decides to stay on as the defensive coach because he doesn't want the white kids he had been coaching to quit and lose their scholarship opportunities.
Denzel sends the team to a 2 week training camp where he hopes to build some bonds between the two races. What Denzel didn't know was that due affirmative action, the board wants Denzel to be the HEAD coach. The white kids won't play for a black coach and Yoast won't be demoted to assistant coach so he considers quitting. Coach Yoast goes up to the head official and threatens to expose what is going on, even if it costs him the coaching hall of fame later that year. Denzel Washington plays Coach Boone, a tough, drill sergeant like coach but very fair to his players. It's pretty bad at first as neither color will support the other. The movie takes place in Alexandria Virginia in 1971. Coach Yoast tells Denzel that he was the only man that could have done this job. The movie then cuts ahead about 7 years later at a funeral for the team captain who was killed by a drunk driver. We learn that Denzel coached for another four years with coach Yoast as his assistant. Send your questions or comments about this or any other spoiler to:

They end up at Gettysburg where Denzel gives a moving speech about races getting along and fighting for a cause. Suddenly everyone has their goals and priorities straight. They are going to prove to their community and the world that they can get along and play as a team. Back at school now, it's not as easy. Coach Yoast tells Denzel that the play he's going to call is all wrong explaining to him what the other coach is expecting. There are protesters everywhere and the racism is bigger than ever at their newly integrated high school. The black community gathers on Denzel's lawn in support and Denzel realizes he has a responsibility that he must meet. The penalties stop and the Titans win the game and are now heading to the state championship. During the celebration for the victory, the team captain is involved in an auto accident and is paralyzed. The captain tells her that it's okay, he's my brother. This inspires the team and at the championship game they are playing a very tough team and its a close game all the way to the end.

Fights are starting up in the hallways but the football teammates are standing up for their new friends, black or white. The team is performing perfect on the field. Their football team has had a tradition of winning under their current Coach Yoast played by Will Patton. The local high school, T. C. It's obvious to everyone that the bigotry has taken over once again and someone doesn't want Denzel's team winning. The Titans are being penalized on almost every play. Fights are breaking out everywhere and the team captain and the leader of the black players are constantly clashing. Denzel wakes them all up at 3: 00am and sends them on a long run. So well in fact that they make it to the State playoffs with an undefeated record. In the big regional playoff game however, things aren't going so well.

At the hospital his buddy, the black player that he clashed with the most in the beginning comes to see him. The team captain chooses his new black teammates over his girlfriend. He has such a tradition building there that he is being considered for the state's Hall of Fame. The school board decides to bring in a new coach this year to coach the now integrated team. Remember the titans movie essay. Denzel agrees and calls a different play. With only a few seconds to go and down by 4 points the Titans get the ball. Williams, has just integrated causing quite a commotion in the town. The nurse won't let him in since it's family only.