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A statement by SSRC President Ira KatznelsonSSRC activities span more than 80 countries on 6 continentsSupporting research through fellowships and prizesMany generous partners fund our innovative social scienceCouncil Update is back with a new look. More information about the University Initiative and how institutions can participate is available on the. DPDF Black Atlantic Studies fellow Joshua Jelly-Schapiro (2007) coauthors Nonstop Metropolis: A Manual for Journalists Reporting Conflict in West Africa, edited by African Peacebuilding Network grantee Audrey Gadzekpo (2014), features chapters by Gadzekpo, Peace Medie (2014, 2016), and Admire Mare (2013), with a foreword by APN director Cyril ObiThe Phd thesis on wheat SSRC’s Measure of America and United Way launch the Common Good Forecaster, an interactive data visualization tool that shows how educational outcomes affect vital economic and social issuesOn 16–18 November 2016, the China-Africa Knowledge Project (CAKP) in collaboration with the African Peacebuilding Network and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), held the China-Africa Peace and Security Research Cluster Fellowship Capstone Seminar in Addis AbabaThe Anxieties of Democracy program is delighted to announce the winners of its inaugural 2016 Argumentative essay worksheet Negotiating Agreement in Congress Research Grants Social Science Research CouncilPhone: • Fax: 212-377-2727 Notes on Fieldwork and Rape” in the Chronicle of Higher Education DPDF fellow Roxanne Krystalli explores the effects of the inclusion of gender and sexuality provisions in Colombia’s peace agreement in a piece at the Washington Post ’s Monkey Cage blogThe DPD Program is accepting proposals from US-based universities to establish on-campus programs with innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to dissertation proposal development (due October 28) Social Science Research CouncilPhone: • Fax: 212-377-2727 A New York City Atlas, the final volume of Rebecca Solnit’s trilogy of atlases (University of California Press) DPDF fellow Mingwei Huang (2013) discusses trauma, knowledge production, and the sexual politics of potentially dangerous fieldwork in “Vulnerable Observers:

An Online Platform for Peer Review and NetworkingThe Dissertation Proposal Development (DPD) Program was founded in 2006 as an interdisciplinary training program to help graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulate dissertation research proposals through exposure to the theories, literatures, methods, and intellectual traditions of disciplines outside their own. After 10 years of running a national student competition and offering fellowships and workshops to graduate students across the humanities and social sciences, the Dissertation Proposal Development Program is no longer offering fellowships to individual graduate students as of fall 2016. Rather, through its new University Initiative, the DPD Program will now work exclusively with universities to help them develop interdisciplinary dissertation proposal development training programs for graduate students on their own campuses.

On Values and Action: A Transregional History, based on her SSRC -supported researchThe new e-book Conflict-Sensitive Coverage: Sign up to receive the latest news on our programs, fellows, competitions, events, and highlighted essays from our digital forums.

A product of Measure of America and United Way Global, Common Good Forecaster™ is a tool that shows how vital economic and social issues in your community might change if educational outcomes were better. Measure of America co-directors Sarah Burd-Sharps and Kristen Lewis and former chief statistician Patrick Nolan Guyer coauthor a chapter in the Handbook of Community Well-Being Research (Springer, 2017) based on MOA’s work in Sonoma County, California Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Mona Hassan (2012) presents a global history of the caliphate in her new book, Longing for the Lost Caliphate: Science dissertation discussion.