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Quintilian.. Notes that a general question can be made into a persuasive subject if names are added (II. 4. 25). That is, a Thesis would would pose a general question such as Should a man marry? Murphy, A Short History of Writing Instruction: Thesis quizzes. From Ancient Greece to Modern America, 2nd ed. 1) A thesis is the main (or controlling) idea of an,,, or, sometimes written as a single known as a . Or Should Athens spend money to build a defensive wall? )
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 continue reading below our video Thesis . Lawrence Erlbaum, 2001) Pronunciation: THEE-ses Also Known As: thesis statement, thesis sentence, controlling idea

A thesis may be implied rather than stated directly. This advanced exercise [one of the ] asks the student to write an answer to a general question ( quaestio infina )--that is, a question not involving individuals..

Plural: theses. 2) In the classical rhetorical exercises known as the , thesis is an exercise that requires a student to a case for one side or the other. See Examples and Observations below. Or Should one fortify a city? (A Special Question on the other hand would be Should Marcus marry Livia?